No matter which diet plan you follow, to lose weight successfully, you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns. But what every dieter dreads is constantly feeling hungry. Weight Watchers is a popular weight loss plan that’s designed to help you eat less and lose weight while enjoying food and staying satisfied. Consuming zero point foods — or free foods — throughout the day is key to staying on track and keeping hunger away.

Fruits Are Free Foods

In late 2015, Weight Watchers rolled out the SmartPoints plan, which replaced the old Points Plus plan. All fruits are 0 points on the SmartPoints plan, because, according to the company, participants should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Every kind of fresh fruit, frozen fruit and fruit canned in unsweetened juice are all counted as free foods. If a fruit has been dried, sweetened or canned in syrup, then you need to count the points.
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