Are you feeling hungry? Need some snack ideas to help you stay on plan? Well this list of 2 Point SmartPoints Snack Ideas for Weight Watchers should give you some ideas!! I love quick snacking options to help me not go crazy from being too hungry!!

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Things to Remember When Snacking

When snacking on the Weight Watchers lifestyle there are a few things to remember. I try to add fresh fruits and veggies to my snacks to bulk the snack up a little bit without adding any points. A cheese stick seems more filling with some veggies or an apple! Be sure to check labels for specific point info. Some brands may be a little higher in points than others and it may be worth finding new favorite brands that are more points friendly.

Don’t wait until you are starving to grab a snack or it can lead to overeating!! This is my weak area….I think I am doing great and then suddenly I think I may starve to death, LOL. I am trying to do better at just grabbing a snack mid-morning or mid to late afternoon to save myself the binge eating later.
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